Woman holding umbrella over young person
Dear Working Preacher
An Uncontrollable Calling

In recent years, various responses to employment related stress and expectations have trended online. These [...]

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Dear Working Preacher
Listen for God’s Prophetic Word

This week’s thematic lectionary reading from the book of Amos [...]

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Dear Working Preacher
When It’s Time

One of our greatest challenges as we navigate our calling to public ministry is telling time. Is [...]

Sermon Development
Being a Prophet in Another Person’s Hometown

I’m in a unique ministry [...]

Judean wilderness
Dear Working Preacher
Choice Temptations

It is tempting to make Jesus’ temptation something that it is not. And, it is tempting to [...]

Sermon Development
Authentic Preaching: How to Prophesy

No one is a prophet because they want to be. [...]

Dear Working Preacher
The Good News of God With Us

“God with us” is not always good news. It depends on who you think God [...]

Tender Prophecy

I find it curious that John the Baptist took his identity from the Isaiah 40 prophecy: the [...]

Bold Preaching

When you read about the battles between Amos and the court prophets, with whom do you identify? [...]

Preaching Moment 317: Otis Moss III on Preaching to Different Generations

  Otis Moss III reflects [...]