Matthew L. Skinner is Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary. His books include Acts: Catching up with the Spirit (Abingdon Press, 2020), A Companion to the New Testament (3 volumes; Baylor University Press, 2017-18), Intrusive God, Disruptive Gospel: Encountering the Divine in the Book of Acts (Brazos Press, 2015) and The Trial Narratives: Conflict, Power, and Identity in the New Testament (WJK Press, 2010). Motivated by an interest in helping people explore the Bible’s connections to faith and life, he has contributed to a number of commentaries, encyclopedias, and other resources to assist pastors, teachers, and students in their study of Christian scripture. Every week he co-hosts the Sermon Brainwave podcast on Working Preacher. He is an ordained teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and can be found online at

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