Craft of Preaching

Christmas in the barn
Christmas in the Barn

This article originally published (with photos) on the Faith+Leader blog. The birth of Jesus as told in [...]

Tree bud springing up in morning light
Advent 2B: Beginnings

Just when you think you don’t have a new idea, our God shows up. In Mark 1, [...]

Magi figurine holding a star
Epiphany Preaching: Star Words

Growing up, I always looked forward to setting up the [...]

Red maple leaves
Dear Working Preacher
Preacher to Preacher: New Weekly Video Series for Working Preachers

Dear Working Preachers, When the [...]

Leaves in various shades from green to red
Advent 1B: Read the Seasons

Advent’s here! Jesus calls us to read the seasons, even if we don’t know what’s [...]

Overflow: water pouring down over a pile of stones
Preaching Series
A Deeper Life: A 6-week preaching series for Epiphany 2024

Editor’s Note: This article provides [...]

duplex in city setting
Sermon Development
Point of Identification: Matching Message with Context

Often I hear sermons where [...]

Statue of general in snow - preaching on U.S. national holidays (winter edition)
Preaching on U.S. National Holidays (Winter Edition)

Ask any preacher to name [...]

who is the intended audience? (black writing on whiteboard)
Sermon Development
Preaching to Personas: 5 Ways to Reach Your Intended Audience

Who is the intended audience? [...]

Woman who is preaching with authority
Dear Working Preacher
By What Authority?

“By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?” Dear Working Preachers, [...]