Same Old Jesus

We often give Jesus’ disciples grief for being clueless sidekicks who never seem to get what Jesus [...]

Three Kinds of Churchgoers

There are three types of churchgoers, in my experience. Members of each group can be [...]

Bold Preaching

When you read about the battles between Amos and the court prophets, with whom do you identify? [...]

Sermon Development
Red Ink and All: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Homiletician Part 5

This is the fifth article [...]

Sermon Development
Enabling the One Great Preacher to Preach: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Homiletician Part 4

This is the fourth article [...]

Preaching to People whose Theology Differs from Mine

I don’t know that I’ve [...]

A New Pentecost? A Season of Social Media

Lent. A time for self-reflection, austerity, and somber music. A [...]

Social Media Sunday: Pull Out Your Smartphones

Worship at the church I serve was a little different [...]

Worship Is About More Than Personal Preferences

I would love to install a policy that anyone who [...]