rusty sign that says Listen
Commentary on Mark 9:2-9

Biblical scholar Ched Myers calls this Transfiguration Sunday text one of the three “pillars” of Mark’s apocalyptic [...]

Rembrandt sketch of Jesus and Simon's mother-in-law
Commentary on Mark 1:29-39

If the vibe of last week’s Capernaum synagogue narrative was public and confrontational, this week’s [...]

Commentary on Luke 2:22-40

Commentary for this text is forthcoming.

Matthew 3:16
Commentary on Mark 1:4-11

Welcome to the annual liturgical celebration of the Baptism of Our Lord (First Sunday after [...]

Coventry Cathedral - Fish
Commentary on Mark 1:14-20

Welcome to the Third Sunday after Epiphany, the continuing season of Light. Context Much has [...]

white sweatshirt with cartoon of figure with scribbles for brains
Commentary on Mark 1:21-28

Mark’s Gospel is not for the disengaged spectator; it is for those caught up in [...]

hands open to God's call
Commentary on John 1:43-51

Nathanael’s preconceptions could have kept him from seeing the Son of God. But he was [...]

Matthew 2:10
Commentary on Matthew 2:1-12

Epiphany is a promise that God is here, whether or not we notice the signs.  [...]

Baby in brown swaddle looking up
Commentary on Luke 2:22-40

Luke’s story of Jesus being presented in the temple explicitly suggests that his parents brought [...]

Anunciation, Leonardo da Vinci, around 1472
Commentary on Luke 1:26-38

Imagine an angel showing up at someone’s home or workplace entirely unexpectedly and making a [...]