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Commentary on Mark 13:24-37

I’m confused.   But not by the fantastical language. This passage opens our Advent season with [...]

Detail from mural depicting Christ in Majesty in the apse of Vä Church. Romanesque period.
Commentary on Matthew 25:31-46

The Lord’s teaching on the final judgment challenges every disciple [...]

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Commentary on Matthew 25:14-30

The parable of the talents is among the most abused [...]

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Commentary on Matthew 5:1-12

Galilee was outside the mainstream of Israelite life. It was neither a religious nor an [...]

Detail from English Alabaster Panel depicting Christ's Resurrection, Late 14th Century.
Commentary on Matthew 25:1-13

The expectation of Christ’s return is central to Christian living.¹ Although many Christians today consign [...]

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Commentary on Matthew 23:1-12

In Matthew 23 we encounter a sustained condemnation of the scribes and Pharisees, placed upon [...]

Luther crest, Eisleben, Germany
Commentary on John 8:31-36

These 6 verses are preceded and followed by the literary context in which the Johannine [...]

neon sign: With All Your Heart
Commentary on Matthew 22:34-46

When the Pharisees ask a question about the commandments, Jesus [...]

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Commentary on Matthew 22:15-22

In Matthew 22:15-22, the Pharisees come to the fore and [...]

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Commentary on Matthew 22:1-14

After the parable of the Wicked Tenants (21:33-46), Jesus gives another parable of the Wedding [...]