Detail from Richard Norris Brooke's A Pastoral Visit, 1881
Commentary on Matthew 10:40-42

There is a reciprocal nature to how you treat other [...]

Commentary on Matthew 9:35—10:8 [9-23]

Matthew 9:35-38 provides a succinct summary of Jesus’ ministry to [...]

white cloth with fringe
Commentary on Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26

Jesus typically calls busy folks. He was not known for [...]

three races of women representing the holy trinity
Commentary on Matthew 28:16-20

The setting is a mountain in Galilee, and the occasion [...]

mural with focus on the ascension
Commentary on Luke 24:44-53

Each Gospel presents Jesus’ resurrection in its own way. Luke provides a coterie of women [...]

Hands touching in front of setting sun
Commentary on John 20:19-23

As I travel the country teaching Bible to churches in new ways that address White [...]

a look into the
Commentary on John 17:1-11

Jesus was a man of prayer. He taught his disciples to pray. That teaching resulted [...]

stained glass artwork of Jesus with His arms outstretched
Commentary on John 14:15-21

This week’s pericope begins and ends with love. What is interesting about how Jesus begins [...]

a stand alone rock near a body of water
Commentary on John 14:1-14

As I delve into John 14:1-14, I am surprised by something that I normally witness [...]

a metal gate opening to a wheat field at sunset
Commentary on John 10:1-10

John 10 opens with Jesus saying the words, “Very truly, I tell you.” These words [...]