Painting of three magi meeting Christ child
Commentary on Matthew 2:1-12

The Greek word epithaneia (epiphany) means manifestation. This festival commemorates the visit of the magi [...]

Joseph and Mary walking in front of pyramid in Egypt
Commentary on Matthew 2:13-23

The text for today displays a tension between two extremes. On the one hand, Herod’s [...]

Jesus mural with man looking up at it.
Commentary on Luke 2:15-21

By the time we arrive at the Festival of the Name of Jesus on January [...]

candle burning with Christmas decorations in background
Commentary on Luke 2:[1-7] 8-20

The nativity story is so familiar that it is almost [...]

christmas candles with greens
Commentary on Luke 2:1-14 [15-20]

For the Christmas Eve preacher, it may feel challenging to [...]

silhouetted figure looking up at stars
Commentary on Matthew 1:18-25

The Messiah has two fathers The first line of Matthew’s Gospel, which may also be [...]

spring in wilderness
Commentary on Matthew 11:2-11

This lectionary reading takes up only the first half of Jesus’ reply to John the [...]

solitary walker on mountain path in cloud
Commentary on Matthew 3:1-12

This episode interrupts the larger story of Jesus to introduce the one who “prepares the [...]

single candle lit
Commentary on Matthew 24:36-44

The inclusion of this passage at the head of the [...]

neon crown
Commentary on Luke 23:33-43

“Save yourself!” These were the words of Roman soldiers who were mocking Jesus. They must [...]