Commentary on Luke 24:44-53

Jesus interpreted the Scriptures in three parts: the Messiah must suffer, rise from the dead, [...]

Red apples on tree
Commentary on John 15:9-17

The Gospel reading for the Sixth Sunday of Easter extends the image of Jesus as [...]

March of the Children of Israel toward the Promised Land
Commentary on John 20:1-18

The Gospel of John is an exhibit of contrasts. The Jesus we are presented with [...]

Peaches on a branch
Commentary on John 15:1-8

The next two Sundays of Easter take us into the middle of the Farewell Discourse [...]

Commentary on John 10:11-18

Dear Working Preachers, as you know, Easter 4 is always Good Shepherd Sunday in the [...]

Christ Appearing to the Apostles after the Resurrection, William Blake, c.1795
Commentary on Luke 24:36b-48

“They thought they were seeing a ghost” (Luke 24:37 Common English Bible). In this passage, [...]

The Resurrected Christ Appearing to His Disciples, Luca Signorelli, 1514
Commentary on John 20:19-31

Fear can be paralyzing. We often associate fear with the fight-or-flight impulse, but paralysis is [...]

Photo of stairs going up from a cave in Cyrus
Commentary on Mark 16:1-8

Mark’s Easter sermon goes something like this: “Christ is risen! And they said nothing to [...]

Black and white photo of a cross
Commentary on John 18:1—19:42

The Gospel of John’s passion narrative helpfully reminds us that [...]

Detail from
Commentary on John 13:1-17, 31b-35

“Unless I wash you, you have no share with me” [...]