Alternate Gospel

Mary, the Evangelist
Commentary on John 20:1-18

Some congregations may read John 20 at the Easter Vigil — a good choice because [...]

He is not here, HE IS RISEN
Commentary on John 20:1-18

John’s “first installation” of the resurrection appearances includes the following journeys to and from the [...]

Descent of the Holy Spirit
Commentary on John 7:37-39

This alternative gospel text, John 7:37-39, may seem a strange choice for Pentecost Sunday. [Find [...]

Commentary on John 8:31-36

Controversial questions abound in John’s Gospel as conflict simmers just beneath the surface of several [...]

Easter Morning
Commentary on Mark 16:1-8

After a long season of Lenten preparation we are ready to get a good hold [...]

Commentary on Luke 19:28-40

In today’s Gospel text, we find a man who must enjoy living on the edge. [...]

Gustav Klimt, Nine Drawings for the Execution of a Frieze
Commentary on John 5:1-9

The man healed in this story is perhaps the least willing and the least grateful of all [...]

Commentary on Mark 16:1-8

The ending of Mark’s gospel is notoriously odd. While Jesus is mentioned and his promise [...]

Luke 22:27
Commentary on Luke 19:28-40

Jerusalem is the geographical and hermeneutical center of Luke’s Gospel. The drama of the narrative [...]

Psalm 118:20
Commentary on John 20:1-18

Again, we find ourselves on the Holy Day that, for many, is the second most [...]