Theology and Interpretation
An Existential Encounter with the Text

Just the thought of doing exegesis for one more sermon [...]

Where’s the Arc?

I’m not saying Jesus was a bad preacher. I am saying that one of the traditional styles [...]

Sermon Development
How to Preach to Mildred

It’s never great for a preacher’s ego when someone snores during your sermon. For me, it happens [...]

Betting on the Spirit

Back in seminary, and when I teach preaching, we emphasized over and over again to our students [...]

Preaching Moment 290: Yvette Flunder on Authentic Ministry

Yvette Flunder argues for the [...]

Yes, the Gospel Does Matter

Putting together a decent sermon is no easy task. This is not a complaint, it [...]

Sermon Development
iPreach: How the Apple Watch Could Revolutionize Sermon Development

Sermon development takes place somewhere [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Tending the Vineyard

Dear Working Preachers, This past week, Walter Brueggemann was on the Luther Seminary campus giving the inaugural [...]

Pulpit Inventory

I’ve always been fascinated by words. Words shape ideas, so much that a seemingly innocuous phrasing choice [...]

The Oddly Comforting World of Saint Matthew

Preaching is little things carrying big things. It’s all about [...]