Sermon Development

Sermon Development
Voice Care: Advice for Preachers

Like most of you who read this article, I am [...]

Preaching Moment 266: Michael Curry

Michael Curry commends the practice of taking a “study day” [...]

Sermon Development
Godly Play and Preaching the Story

The Purpose of PreachingWe preach to help people “discover a [...]

This Is My Body, Preached for You

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.The Word did [...]

Sermon Development
Dealing With Preacher’s Block

Almost everyone has heard of writer’s block. Writer’s block is [...]

Sermon Development
How to Preach without Notes

Every preacher needs to be able to preach without notes on some occasions. It is [...]

Sermon Development
Discerning When to Preach Without Notes

Preachers and listeners who favor preaching without notes have long [...]

Sermon Development
“Remember the Pastor’s Sermon Three Weeks Ago?”

Research has found that we [...]

Sermon Development
Preaching with Parkinson’s Disease

What I’ve learned that will make you a better preacher. [...]

Sermon Development
Sermons That Resound

Back in the late Mesozoic era, when I was in seminary, my preaching professor told me, “You [...]