Ashes to go - Ash Wednesday
Ashes to Go in a Drive Thru Culture

Ash Wednesday contains a paradox. First, we hear from Jesus [...]

Person with hands outstretched on a beach.
Dear Working Preacher
Ode to Joy

Like a good parable, the prodigal son is chock-full of ambiguity. So, the first preaching task is [...]

Man in scrubs praying
Dear Working Preacher
A Costly Lesson

Dear Working Preacher, First, as always, let me extend to you a word of thanks for what [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Unprecedented Warnings

This week I’ve found myself struggling to switch my voice from a local congregation in Flint, Michigan, [...]

Preaching Series
Preaching Acts in Easter (Year C)

Easter preaching has to be imaginative preaching. It has to [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Abundance For All

Deciding on one preaching point for this passage seems adversative, to say the least, to this story [...]

Dear Working Preacher
On Being Found

He found him. A seemingly ordinary moment in the plot that is the healing of the man [...]

Theology and Interpretation
Durable Faith: Grace for the New Year

Even if they haven’t written it down, most people have [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Holy Week Grace

You do not have to do it all. Did you hear that, Working Preachers? On this Palm/Passion [...]

tree in sunset
Equatorial Creation Care

I spent a week last month in Kisumu, Kenya, seven miles south of the equator on Lake [...]