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Dear Working Preacher
Preaching with Humility and Compassion

“You Might Be Wrong”1 So said the sign over a [...]

Dear Working Preacher
“What Is This?”

“They kept on asking each other, what is this? A new teaching?” There’s the rub of the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
What Not To Wear

A wedding guest without a worthy wardrobe results in being cast out of the party into outer [...]

Preaching Moment 331: Adam Hamilton on the Courage to Preach

Adam Hamilton discusses how the [...]

Preaching Moment 330: M. Craig Barnes on the Courage to Preach

The Rev. M. Craig Barnes [...]

Preaching Moment 329: Michael Curry on the Courage to Preach

Michael Curry, presiding bishop of [...]

Dear Working Preacher
The Courage to Ask

Dear Working Preachers, I am preaching on this text in Luther Seminary’s chapel on April 15, 2015, [...]

Dear Working Preacher
When We Can’t Walk on Water

Those of you who listen regularly to Sermon Brainwave, our [...]

Courage to Follow, Courage to Lead

Few people thrive on conflict. Yet leadership can bring us [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Easter Courage

Dear Working Preacher, There are moments when it feels like Matthew is almost working at cross purposes. [...]