Dear Working Preacher
The Greatest

The relevance of Scripture continues to amaze me. The many stories and illustrations we think we need [...]

Scriptural Wisdom Makes Ecological Sense

Wisdom rules the September lectionary. Several weeks of Proverbs and [...]

Sermon Development
Preaching with Authority

As early as the life and thought of the ancient philosopher Socrates, the world has been prone [...]

Vegetative Parables

Author’s Note: Friends, if you enjoy writing and would like to hone your skills, consider applying for [...]

Sermon Development
Picture, Passage, Point: Bringing Scripture to Life

When I served a congregation [...]

Theology and Interpretation
To Whom Do You Think You Are Preaching?

Listening to a sermon, I form a portrait of myself. [...]

Preaching Moment 270: Henry Langknecht

Henry Langknecht reflects on what the “literal sense of Scripture” [...]

A Sustaining, Sustainable Gospel

During ordinary time this summer and fall, the lectionary offers [...]

Preaching Moment 83: Anna Carter Florence

What difference does it make if we invite our congregations [...]