Pink salt close-up
Dear Working Preacher

On texts for Sept. 26, 2021 | Ordinary 26 | RCL Year B Dear Working Preacher, Thank [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Jesus’ Ministry of Fire

If consensus exists around anything today in American society, it is that we are afflicted [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Not Peace but a Sword

“Not peace but a sword.” I resist this saying of Jesus. I resist it a lot, not [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Living Beyond Fear

Dear Working Preacher, I’m writing this letter just after watching the U.S. World Cup match against Ghana [...]

First, Do No Harm

I recently attended a funeral service for a young person whose parents I know. The service was [...]

For the Life of the World: Season of Creation Week 4

Editor’s Note: Each week in [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Stressful Sermon

Dear Working Preacher,   Let’s face it. This is one of those weeks when the Gospel reading [...]