Woman holding umbrella over young person's head in storm
Dear Working Preacher
Find Refuge in the Face of Hostility

It is that time of year. Congregations, publishing houses, camps, [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Lesson from Mark

We preachers are intercalators. Maybe at some point in time, we learned to be so from Mark. [...]

Dear Working Preacher
“What Is This?”

“They kept on asking each other, what is this? A new teaching?” There’s the rub of the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Epiphany Preaching

Every three years, when Year B rolls around in the lectionary, my podcast co-hosts and I inevitably [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Wilderness Preaching

“A voice of one crying out in the wilderness…” That, Dear Working Preachers, is what preaching is [...]

Sermon Development
Preaching Mark in Times of Strife (Part 2 of 2)

In the first article of this two-part series, the author [...]

Sermon Development
Preaching Mark in Times of Strife (Part 1 of 2)

Just in time. The Gospel according to Mark is about [...]

Mark’s Gospel and The Small Bird’s Immediacy

[This article was first published on [...]

Matthew and Mark and Mysteries

We are in Advent, and a new church year is [...]

Preaching Moment 294: Luke Powery on Preaching the Gospel of Mark

Luke Powery points out the [...]