Can anything good come out of Nazareth?
Epiphany 2B: Can Anything Good Come Out of …?

John 1 begs: Can anything [...]

Dear Working Preacher
‘Do You Love Me?’

Right on the heels of Thomas, we have the story of Peter, another character in [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Identity Test

The problem with Jesus’ testing in Matthew, Mark, and Luke is how quickly we switch the focus [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Not Proof But Perspective

A few years ago, Working Preacher produced a video Easter is Coming with which many [...]

Identity Crisis

One of the lessons we have learned from recent politics is the power of group identity. To [...]

Whose God is This Anyway?

Does anyone else get uncomfortable proclaiming things like “How Great is Our God” or “Our [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Community and Connections

Dear Working Preachers, I am actually preaching this week. How about that? On this week’s [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Easter Courage

Dear Working Preacher, There are moments when it feels like Matthew is almost working at cross purposes. [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Identity Theft, Part 2

Dear Working Preacher, Our word “Lent,” as you know, comes from the German and Dutch words for [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Identity Theft

Dear Working Preacher, When my kids were fairly young, they’d almost always figure out who the people [...]