Young person screaming, wrapped in
Dear Working Preacher
Life on the Other Side of Catastrophe

The paired Old Testament reading for this week sets us [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Freedom from Fear

Fear. I get it. That seems like the most reasonable response when it comes to witnessing about [...]

Wooden sculpture of enormous hands cupped
Dear Working Preacher

It is really rather simple. What are you doing with what you have been given? The rub [...]

Dear Working Preacher
What Not To Wear

A wedding guest without a worthy wardrobe results in being cast out of the party into outer [...]

Preaching in Interesting Times

There is supposedly an old Chinese curse that goes: “May [...]

Preaching Moment 294: Luke Powery on Preaching the Gospel of Mark

Luke Powery points out the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Living Beyond Fear

Dear Working Preacher, I’m writing this letter just after watching the U.S. World Cup match against Ghana [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Easter Courage

Dear Working Preacher, There are moments when it feels like Matthew is almost working at cross purposes. [...]