Courage to Follow, Courage to Lead

Few people thrive on conflict. Yet leadership can bring us [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Present-tense Salvation

Dear Working Preacher, Do we ask too little of our people? I ask that question with no [...]

An Unexpected Glimpse of God’s Promise

For those of us who preach, flying on airplanes is [...]

Sermon Development
From Controversy to Community: Preaching on the Fault Lines

Same-Sex Marriage Gun Control Fracking [...]

Preaching Moment 285: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner encourages preachers to consider sermons as an act [...]

Why Church?

I’m a good person. I worship God in my own way. I don’t need people telling me [...]

Preaching Moment 270: Henry Langknecht

Henry Langknecht reflects on what the “literal sense of Scripture” [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Who Is My Neighbor?

Dear Working Preacher, This passage is so familiar it’s almost dangerous. I mean, we all know the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
The Greater Gift

Dear Working Preacher,   So here’s my simple question: which was the greater gift Jesus bestowed on [...]

Preaching Moment 265: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner talks about what she likes to hear in [...]