Preacher to Preacher: New Weekly Video Series for Working Preachers

Red maple leaves
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Dear Working Preachers,

When the Dear Working Preacher column ended in September 2023 after a 14-year run, we promised you something new. At Working Preacher, we’ve had a sense that with all the changes these last few years (in the church and in the world), the challenges both preachers and preaching face going forward, and the shifting horizons of homiletics, the time seemed right for a different way to speak into and nurture the preaching life.

At Working Preacher, our relationship with and accompaniment of you means everything to us:

  • We are so grateful for the faithful insights of our weekly lectionary commentary authors and consistently seek out fresh and diverse interpretive voices.
  • We talk about what kinds of topics and themes might be on your hearts that we can address in our Craft of Preaching articles.
  • And the Sermon Brainwave  and Narrative Lectionary co-hosts prepare the podcasts always with you in mind—what might be a word for you (and always a word for your people) that brings all of us closer to God and empowers us to live out the Gospel in the world.

We are excited to be launching a new way of connecting with you—our “Preacher to Preachervideo series shared via Working Preacher’s brand-new Instagram account. These are 90-second videos where Matt, Joy, and I—your Sermon Brainwave podcast team—want to bring God’s Word into the world from a very personal place. It might be a message of support, a spiritual insight, a homiletical point, or sharing how the text spoke truth and grace into our own lives. You never know how the Spirit will inspire, right?

I have to say that after recording two Preacher to Preacher clips, I absolutely love it. I love how bringing the texts for the week into the spaces of real life reveals insights I had never imagined. 

I love being in places where the world is going by and yet there is the Word interrupting, intersecting, and integrating. It seems like this is where we, and God’s Word, need to be:

  • in front of a Japanese maple tree
  • on a rooftop in Atlanta
  • on the street in front of the Alabama state capitol
  • in a sculpture garden in San Antonio.

All of these are places where God speaks in ways that are deeply embodied. 

We hope and pray that  Preacher to Preacher will be the short burst of inspiration, imagination, and encouragement you need for engaging God’s Word, your sermon preparation, and your preaching life. 

We want you to know that you are never alone. We’ve got you, Dear Working Preachers. Always.


Ed. note: You can find #preachertopreacher videos by following Working Preacher’s Instagram account (@workingpreacher) or Facebook page. We plan to post the videos to YouTube Shorts as well.

Vista at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Sermon Brainwave at Ghost Ranch

A preachers’ retreat with Working Preachers Karoline Lewis, Joy J. Moore, and Matt Skinner.

Hosted by Ghost Ranch in New Mexico July 29-August 2, 2024, this conference is for preachers who want to learn, workshop, discuss, renew, and worship together.