Craft of Preaching

"I Couldn't Hear a Thing"

A very elderly gentleman greeted me at the end of the service with a smile and a compliment. “Wonderful, wonderful sermon, pastor!”

We had

Choose Joy

“Nepal, Baltimore, school shootings, cancer, suicide, poverty, discrimination, apathy, violence, ignorance, spite, abuse, injustice. Some days it's

Preaching Moment 316: Yvette Flunder on Reformation in the Church

Yvette Flunder reflects on the current state of Christianity in the US and sees in it a moment of reformation being worked by the Spirit.

"What we are

The Risky Business of Bearing Fruit

“Christians still read the Bible strangely. We read the Bible as if we were the point, as though we are not, or never were, the Gentiles” (Willie

Preaching Moment 315: Luke Powery on Preaching and Culture

Luke Powery explores the way that text and context relate in the sermon, advocating for fusing the biblical world and our world without judgment.


Gaining Perspective: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Homiletician, Part 2

This is the second article in a series. See Part 1.

“It is fair to say all writers -- seasoned or not, steady or panicked -- lose perspective.”

What's So Good About A Shepherd?

“Good sermon, Pastor!” Don’t you then want to respond, “What does that actually mean? What was good about it?” Isn’t

Preaching Moment 314: Anthony Bailey on Accountable Preaching

Anthony Bailey explores the many different factors that influence the hearers of a sermon and the way a sermon is held accountable to those factors.


Turning the World Right Side Up

The book of Acts narrates how, in the years following the church’s birth, a small band of disciples turned the Roman world upside down (Acts 17:6)

Resurrection Witnesses

“You are witnesses of these things” (Luke 24:48; Acts 3:15).

We certainly are. Thanks for the reminder, Jesus.

Because we need reminders of

Preaching Moment 313: Luke Powery on the Business Model

Luke Powery expounds on the problem of using the language and models of business to characterize the ministry of the church.

"No one went to seminary to

Five Questions for your Kids’ Sermon

How do you help a 4-year-old better understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

One clear way a 4-year-old experiences the love of Jesus is “through the

Sermon Review

My dad once told me a story about preaching instruction during his time in seminary that would be impossible to imagine happening today. After one student

Editing Your Sermon: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Homiletician, Part 1

“A professor once told a student that he had preached a wonderful sermon, except for what he said and how he said it.”1

Susan Bell, writer

The Courage to Ask

Dear Working Preachers,

I am preaching on this text in Luther Seminary’s chapel on April 15, 2015, so I thought that for my column this week I would