Dusty shepherd follows flock
Dear Working Preacher
The Good Shepherd

I have a special relationship with Jesus as the good shepherd. My dad was the pastor of [...]

Dear Working Preacher
On Trusting

“The earth produces on its own.” Thank God, literally. Every once in a while Jesus gives us [...]

Preaching in an Exilic Age

I am trying to discern whether we have entered an era of Christian exile in [...]

Bread from Heaven

Food fills the menu in August’s lectionary. Four weeks of Gospel readings explore John 6’s discussions between [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Peace and Security

“There is peace and security … ” (I Thess 5:3). Where? A week ago Thursday, at the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
“Getting” Great Faith

Dear Working Preachers, Little faith or great faith? How do [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Trust and Temptation

Dear Working Preacher, I sometimes wonder if temptation is one of those things we have a hard [...]

Preacher or False Prophet?

My first job in a church was as a music minister. I loved the senior [...]