Sermon Development

Rainbow spectrum on church pillar (keyword: Queering the Pulpit)
Sermon Development
Queering the Pulpit

Much has been said over the years—in preaching books, classes, and conversations—about the importance of contextualization in [...]

Woman speaking by a lake
Sermon Development
Dialogue Sermons: How and Why

David: How we got here I’ve long been attracted to the communal nature of preaching: [...]

Preaching as evangelism in a small town setting
Sermon Development
Jesus’ Expansive Mission: Preaching and Evangelism

Preaching and evangelism take many [...]

duplex in city setting
Sermon Development
Point of Identification: Matching Message with Context

Often I hear sermons where [...]

who is the intended audience? (black writing on whiteboard)
Sermon Development
Preaching to Personas: 5 Ways to Reach Your Intended Audience

Who is the intended audience? [...]

Walking the dog: how to preach with confidence
Sermon Development
Walk the Dog: Preaching with Confidence

After decades of teaching preaching, I’ve learned that one of [...]

child with milk mustache concerned about stewardship
Sermon Development
Got Stewardship?

Years ago there was a campaign from the milk industry in the United States that asked a [...]

Two men talking over coffee in front of glass wall
Sermon Development
How to Get Useful Sermon Feedback from Listeners: 5 Keys for Success 

It’s the end of the [...]

Question mark painted on brick wall
Sermon Development
Twenty Questions to Ask the Text

Although there are many different ways of reading the Bible, [...]

Neon sign:
Sermon Development
Stories We Tell One Another

I recently finished work on an MFA in Creative Writing—that is, I graduated with a [...]