We who believe in freedom cannot rest - sign at protest
Baptism of Our Lord: Call and Response

Reflecting on Mark 1, Joy J. Moore encourages preachers to [...]

man leaning against locked window
Dear Working Preacher
A Life of Promise

When folks complain to me about how violent the Old Testament is, I first like to remind [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Resurrection is Promise

I don’t know about you, but I am rather weary of empty promises. You know what I [...]

God’s Covenant with All Creatures

Sometimes a comfortably well-trodden path becomes a rut. When our [...]

Matthew and Mark and Mysteries

We are in Advent, and a new church year is [...]

The Oddly Comforting World of Saint Matthew

Preaching is little things carrying big things. It’s all about [...]

Hebrews: Faith and Promise [VIDEO]

Craig Koester provides an entry point into the letter to [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Sure and Certain Promise

Dear Working Preacher, As I opened this week to review the readings and commentary [...]

Dear Working Preacher
The Heart of the Matter

Dear Working Preacher, I suspect that you, like I, know at least one person who doesn’t need [...]