Patricia Tull

Man watering seedlings in Kenya
Theology and Interpretation
Planted in Hope and Bearing Fruit

Six years ago I returned from a life-changing visit to [...]

Person holding baby sea turtle
Theology and Interpretation
Sea Turtles and Climate Change

During last February’s cold snap—the one in which millions of [...]

Rose-colored clouds at sunset
Theology and Interpretation
Imagine God’s World

The long career of environmental lawyer James Gustave Speth has taken him into governmental and [...]

Mount Kailash, Tibet
Preaching Series
Mountain Sunday: Preaching Season of Creation (4B)

Editor’s Note: Working Preacher published [...]

hourglass on a beach
Theology and Interpretation
Blessed Assurance

If you are reading this column, chances are, you are already involved in earth care. Maybe you [...]

Child walking in garden
Theology and Interpretation
Gardens Alive

Where I live, it’s time to plant summer vegetables. The fig trees, eager to awaken early, have [...]

frost pattern on glass
Theology and Interpretation
Spring Redemption

As I write in February, awaiting spring, Easter, and Earth Day (April 22), outside it is 18 [...]

snowy trees in forest with sunlight
Theology and Interpretation
Contemplating COVID Winter

In Texas where I grew up we didn’t bother much with winter. The year’s seasons [...]