John 6

Loaves of bread and wheat stalks
Theology and Interpretation
Learning from the Bread of Life

Preaching on the Bread of Life passages this summer? Before [...]

graffiti rendering of the word
Dear Working Preacher
Proclaim the Poetry

Dear Working Preacher, Thanks for all that you do to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. [...]

Rose growing on concrete
Dear Working Preacher
God Draws Us In

The Bible is full of stories in which God provides bread and provisions to people afflicted by [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Holy Conversation

Wow. It sure doesn’t take long to go from grumbling to arguing, from complaining to quarreling. And [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Manna Again

The Gospel of John is a dangerous book. In the hands of those who need or want [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

Dear Working Preachers, have you noticed that signs are often misinterpreted? While we count on [...]