fist bump between two friends
Advent 4B: The Power of a Friend

In Luke 1 Karoline points out the power of friendship. [...]

Rosa Parks
Advent 3B: Wait Just a Little Longer

John the Witness calls down judgement, not joy. Delve into [...]

Tree bud springing up in morning light
Advent 2B: Beginnings

Just when you think you don’t have a new idea, our God shows up. In Mark 1, [...]

Leaves in various shades from green to red
Advent 1B: Read the Seasons

Advent’s here! Jesus calls us to read the seasons, even if we don’t know what’s [...]

Stay Awake: Preaching Advent in Year A

Ed. note: This is the first in a six-part series. [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Wilderness Preaching

“A voice of one crying out in the wilderness…” That, Dear Working Preachers, is what preaching is [...]

Theology and Interpretation
Preaching + Fertility Struggles

Advent brings the sense of delighted expectation that Jesus, God’s [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Are You Ready?

I love it when Scripture points out the ambiguity of God’s judgment — a rather helpful reminder [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Truth-Telling Advent

John the Baptist. He’s the Gospel focus for the second and third Sundays of Advent. In Mark, [...]

Rejoicing in Active Hope

Clothing and food — celebrated necessities — describe God’s abundant gifts to creation in an Isaiah passage [...]