10 Things I Learned at Confirmation Camp

Two weeks ago I helped out a friend by acting as the second female chaperone at a week-long confirmation camp.

The camp is on an island and I had met several of the staff when I went to New Orleans earlier this year. I’ve never been to church camp and I’ve never chaperoned camp before, so I thought this would be a great learning opportunity. Well, I learned many things that week, but not quite what I expected. Here is my list of what I brought home from camp:

   1. When one of the leaders tells you “Your cabin is great! You’re right on the shore with a dock just feet from your front door!” she really means “farthest from the bathroom.”
   2. You really CAN sing too many songs about Jesus.
   3. Don’t let the middle school girls play the, “Let me guess how old you are” game. It never ends well.
   4. No one notices when you can’t figure out the words to a song and sing, “giddy-up, giddy-up, hot tonight” the whole week.
   5. It really IS more fun to be a counselor.
   6. A camp bunk mattress is a mattress in name only.
   7. Loons are wicked animals and their only goal is to wake you up early.
   8. Things to bring home from camp: Friendship bracelets are good, bronchitis is bad.
   9. It’s a little disappointing to be on an island and not have some kind of mystery to solve before the sheriff can arrive from the mainland in two days.
  10. It’s not that hard to get the concept of a “Jen-ocracy” to stick.