Alternate Gospel

Photo of stairs going up from a cave in Cyrus
Commentary on John 20:1-18

The Gospel of John is an exhibit of contrasts. The Jesus we are presented with [...]

Palm Sunday procession photo
Commentary on Mark 11:1-11

Palm procession is a revolutionary act.1 I attend a liturgically inclined, sensorial, and embodied congregation. [...]

Sunlight streaming through green leafy forest
Commentary on John 20:1-18

The themes of darkness and light are clearly visible in John’s account of the resurrection. [...]

Painting of Jesus carrying cross by Hieronymus Bosch
Commentary on Matthew 26:14—27:66

Can Jesus’ followers abide with the reality of his crucifixion? [...]

sunrise over valley
Commentary on John 20:1-18

Again, we find ourselves on the Holy Day that, for many, is the second most [...]

Three crosses overlooking lake
Commentary on Luke 19:28-40

Palm Sunday is an opportunity to look to the immediate future and a time of [...]

round stone in obscuring tomb entry
Commentary on John 20:1-18

We have seen so many tombs—and countless deaths that could not even have proper tombs— [...]

hand stroking colt's head
Commentary on Mark 11:1-11

Mark 11:1-11 depicts Jesus as a long-awaited king. It does this in both obvious and [...]

Luther crest, Eisleben, Germany
Commentary on John 8:31-36

The Reformation story is one of commuting and converting from one theological worldview to another. [...]

Commentary on Mark 16:1-8

The Sabbath day has passed and it is the dawn of a new day. That [...]