Preaching Moment 326: Otis Moss III on Preaching like MLK Jr.

Dr. Otis Moss III, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, said, “I think all of us should have prophetic proclivities. You may not see yourself in the prophetic tradition, but there should be moments where the prophetic proclivity pushes you to address certain issues.”

“What is the blue sensitivity in your congregation? … Every [preacher] in every congregation is going to have a priestly moment where we have to speak to the people, we bring the concerns of the people to God.”

He argues that, “The prophetic perspective, a nice simple way to say it, is that we speak to the people on behalf of God, that is what the prophet did and said. There are challenges that the community is facing, we have got to shape up and shift in terms of how we are dealing with these issues.”

“Not every prophet is a priest, and not every priest is a prophet but a priest can be a prophet and a prophet can be a priest. Finding those moments … you don’t necessarily have to be Bonhoeffer or King, but you should have Bonhoeffer and King moments.”