Winning One for the Gipper

In 1920, University of Notre Dame’s football star, George Gipp, contracted pneumonia and died, just [...]

Betting on the Spirit

Back in seminary, and when I teach preaching, we emphasized over and over again to our students [...]

Yes, the Gospel Does Matter

Putting together a decent sermon is no easy task. This is not a complaint, it [...]

Pulpit Inventory

I’ve always been fascinated by words. Words shape ideas, so much that a seemingly innocuous phrasing choice [...]

Dear Working Preacher
“Getting” Great Faith

Dear Working Preachers, Little faith or great faith? How do [...]

Prayer and Preaching

The things we carry with us — our race, our education, our gender, our families, our age, [...]

Preach What You Know

I’m reading a novel by a best-selling author that reminds me of one of the cardinal rules [...]

First, Do No Harm

I recently attended a funeral service for a young person whose parents I know. The service was [...]

Theology and Interpretation
New “Holy Days for Justice” Add Breadth and Depth to Preaching

The Revised Common Lectionary is [...]

A Voice Amid the Wedding Noise

I have an unusually heavy schedule of weddings to perform [...]