Romans 8

Watercolor of earth
Dear Working Preacher
The Foundation of Christian Hope

Preaching on Easter Sunday is both a privilege and a [...]

Mount Kailash, Tibet
Preaching Series
Mountain Sunday: Preaching Season of Creation (4B)

Editor’s Note: Working Preacher published [...]

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Dear Working Preacher

There is a song in the musical “Hamilton” that always brings tears to my eyes. It’s the [...]

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Dear Working Preacher
The Newness of the Spirit

Dear Working Preacher, Thank you for all you do to preach the Word of God [...]

Theology and Interpretation
Preaching + End of Life

When people ask what I do, I am reluctant to say I am a hospice chaplain. My [...]

Fortune Cookie Faith

The other day my family and I ordered Chinese food from a local restaurant that we love. [...]