Dear Working Preacher
Matthew’s Version of the Incarnation

Dear Working Preacher, Just two thoughts as we approach the [...]

Who Was Mary? – Eric Barreto

Watch this brief video to find out what Scripture says [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Mary, Martha, and the Search for a More Useful Faith

Dear Working Preacher,   I [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Questions about Discipleship

Dear Working Preacher, First and foremost, a word of thanks. Your comments in response to [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Learning to Tell Time

Dear Working Preacher, You know what they say: timing is everything. Whether it’s telling a joke, making [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Promise That Changes the World

Dear Working Preacher, Over the past several days I’ve experienced, [...]

Preaching Luke through Advent, Year C

Advent’s themes, coming right from the Gospel texts for each [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Mary, Martha, and My Dad

Dear Working Preacher, As you well know, there are few passages that have caused more consternation among [...]

Theology and Interpretation
John 12:1-11: Leave Her Alone

This story takes place in Bethany — during a meal [...]