Mark 1

Cup of tea in sunlight
Epiphany 5B: A Known God Who Shows Up

God enters our space to heal us just as Jesus [...]

Blue stained glass with
Epiphany 4B: Jesus Never Went to Church

Jesus never went to church! In Mark 1:21, Jesus calls [...]

Pencil points - new perspectives
Epiphany 3B: New Perspectives

Preaching on Mark 1 unveils new perspectives. This week Matt Skinner encourages you to rethink, [...]

water crashing on shore
Dear Working Preacher
Out of Water and Wildness

At the beginning of this new year, we are immersed in water. That is true [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Tempting Silence

The temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, always the first Sunday of Lent, is an unnervingly muted [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Call Story

I’ve had a persistent problem with this passage. First blush was always suspicion and resentment. I mean, [...]

Dear Working Preacher
You Are Never Alone

This past week, I had an appointment with my therapist whom I had not seen in eight [...]