Social Media Sunday: Pull Out Your Smartphones

Worship at the church I serve was a little different [...]

Worship Is About More Than Personal Preferences

I would love to install a policy that anyone who [...]

What Tradition Really Means

Just because I’m fascinated by the emerging church movement, the call to new life, and [...]

Stories and Norm

For the first million years of human existence climate change was no threat, not because our ancestors [...]

Why Church?

I’m a good person. I worship God in my own way. I don’t need people telling me [...]

Don’t Forget Who You Are

At my first synod assembly as an intern, still quite [...]

Dear Working Preacher
The Cost of Discipleship

Dear Working Preacher,   This may be one of those weeks when you look at the Gospel [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Mary, Martha, and the Search for a More Useful Faith

Dear Working Preacher,   I [...]