Advent 4

Dear Working Preacher
The Good News of God With Us

“God with us” is not always good news. It depends on who you think God [...]

How to Embody Scripture: Soulful Proclamation (4 of 4)

Final in a four-part series [...]

Proclamation in Advent: Full-throated and Soulful

This article is the final in a four-part series for [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Merciful Advent

Listen closely. Anything sound familiar in Mary’s Magnificat? Notice anything similar between Mary’s song and Jesus’ inaugural [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Advent as a Way of Life

I wonder if the annunciation to Mary might function as a summary of the Advent season; a [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Matthew’s Version of the Incarnation

Dear Working Preacher, Just two thoughts as we approach the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
A Promise That Changes the World

Dear Working Preacher, Over the past several days I’ve experienced, [...]