Preaching Series on Isaiah (4 of 4)

From wounded to healing to ministry

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Photo by Chantal Lim on Unsplash; licensed under CC0.

June 25, 2023

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Commentary on Isaiah 61:1-11

The Lord’s anointed one brings good news to the humble, care for the broken-hearted, proclamations of release to the captives, and comfort to those who mourn. But that is not the end of the action; indeed, it is just the beginning. Then the humble, broken-hearted, former captives and mourners will rebuild, restore and raise up. Indeed, those who were lowly will ascend to the positions of priests and ministers of the Most High. They will be ministers for the God who loves justice. The lowly will be recognized as God’s own people who are adorned with the righteousness God inspires them to perform. This is the ministry that Jesus announces for himself, and challenges those who follow him to undertake.

In this four-week journey through Isaiah, we have seen a community that suffers in its own sinfulness. And we have seen how God accompanies that community through death and resurrection. Finally, God raises up that community collaboratively to do the work of God. I hope we see echoes of Jesus, and inspiration for our own communities as well.

[This is Week 4 of a 4-week Preaching series on Isaiah.]