Isaiah of the Exile

December 10, 2023

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Commentary on Isaiah 40:1-11

Commentary on this text is forthcoming.


Holy Lord, a voice has been heard in the wilderness preparing the way for your son to arrive in this world. Prepare our hearts to receive your son and help us to prepare for his coming. Amen.


Many and great, O God   ELW 837, GG 21, H82 385, NCH 3, UMH 148
All earth is hopeful   ELW 266, TFF 47
Comfort, comfort, now my people    ELW 256, GG 87, H82 67, NCH 101
People, Look East   ELW 248, GG 105, UMH 202
Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us   ELW 789, GG 187, H82 708, NCH 252, UMH 381, TFF 254


Comfort, comfort, John Ferguson