Author: Ben McDonald Coltvet

Old minivan with dents and scrapes
Easter 3B: Scratches and Dings

Like Matt’s 2006 minivan, we bear scratches and dings from [...]

Sand art with cross = heart (God is love)
Preaching Series
Preaching 1 John in Easter (Year B)

A six-week preaching series based on the Second Readings in [...]

Women consoling one another at table
Easter 2B: Grief or glory?

After the resurrection of Jesus, where do you find your mind and heart? Pain or [...]

Rainbow spectrum on church pillar (keyword: Queering the Pulpit)
Sermon Development
Queering the Pulpit

Much has been said over the years—in preaching books, classes, and conversations—about the importance of contextualization in [...]

Hand-painted Easter eggs
Easter 1B: It’s Not about Eggs

Easter is not about the eggs, bunnies, or baskets. Joy [...]

Monterey Bay, California, beach and trees
Palm/Passion Sunday: Hometown Emotions

What does the word homecoming stir up for you? Matt [...]

Underwater photo of woman being baptized by full immersion
Theology and Interpretation
Preaching Baptism and Eucharist

Sacraments and preaching are not separate liturgical practices; they work [...]

Sir, we wish to see Jesus (heart-shaped glasses)
Lent 5B: Seeing Jesus

Join Karoline Lewis as she prepares for her intensive course focusing on the theme verse based on [...]

Maintenance worker gathering tools on job site
Lent 4B: Maintenance Needed

Nicodemus and road maintenance–what’s the connection? Joy J. Moore reflects on Jesus’ famous words in [...]

Minnesota State Capitol, Saint Paul
Lent 3B: Symbols of Authority

In a world full of symbols of authority, remember the true source of power found [...]