Author: Ben McDonald Coltvet

Old woman looking expectantly and with love
Christmas 1B: Say It Like Anna

Anna in Luke 2:36-38 had something to say when she [...]

shoreline with water lapping up - liminal space to tell the truth
Theology and Interpretation
Hospice and Preaching: Where the Dying Tell the Truth

As preachers our challenge is [...]

fist bump between two friends
Advent 4B: The Power of a Friend

In Luke 1 Karoline points out the power of friendship. [...]

rainbow prism shining on a hand
Preaching Series
Like Light through a Prism: Preaching Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians in Epiphany (B)

A five-week preaching series based [...]

Rosa Parks
Advent 3B: Wait Just a Little Longer

John the Witness calls down judgement, not joy. Delve into [...]

Preaching as evangelism in a small town setting
Sermon Development
Jesus’ Expansive Mission: Preaching and Evangelism

Preaching and evangelism take many [...]

Christmas in the barn
Christmas in the Barn

This article originally published (with photos) on the Faith+Leader blog. The birth of Jesus as told in [...]

Tree bud springing up in morning light
Advent 2B: Beginnings

Just when you think you don’t have a new idea, our God shows up. In Mark 1, [...]

Magi figurine holding a star
Epiphany Preaching: Star Words

Growing up, I always looked forward to setting up the [...]

Red maple leaves
Dear Working Preacher
Preacher to Preacher: New Weekly Video Series for Working Preachers

Dear Working Preachers, When the [...]