Author: Ben McDonald Coltvet

Woman who is preaching with authority
Dear Working Preacher
By What Authority?

“By what authority are you doing these things, and who gave you this authority?” Dear Working Preachers, [...]

Walking the dog: how to preach with confidence
Sermon Development
Walk the Dog: Preaching with Confidence

After decades of teaching preaching, I’ve learned that one of [...]

sermon on harvest
Theology and Interpretation
Preaching Sermons on Harvest When You’re Not a Farmer

If you’re a preacher who’s [...]

Why is forgiveness so difficult?
Dear Working Preacher
Forgiveness: The Hardest Commandment

Dear Working Preacher, Why is forgiveness so difficult? Is there [...]

child with milk mustache concerned about stewardship
Sermon Development
Got Stewardship?

Years ago there was a campaign from the milk industry in the United States that asked a [...]

Two fists bumping to indicate community
Dear Working Preacher
A Community Response to Sin

Dear Working Preacher, Thank you for what you do. Thank you for preaching and proclaiming [...]

triangular aperture with view to distant landscape.
Am I My Sibling’s Keeper?: Preaching with Systems Theory

We were created for relationship. [...]

tree growing next to gravel path in arid landscape
Dear Working Preacher
Listening Anew for God’s Call

Last weekend, my husband and I took our son Isaac [...]

Woman holding mug with serious expression
Preaching when the Pastor Is Sick

Some years ago, I was scheduled for herniated disc surgery [...]

waterfall in mountain stream
Dear Working Preacher
Exploring the Depths of Scripture’s Richness

Three years ago, when we [...]