Narrative Lectionary

Matthew 22:4
Commentary on Matthew 22:1-14

Commentary on this text is forthcoming. PRAYER OF THE DAY God of celebration, you have [...]

Matthew 9:37
Commentary on Matthew 20:1-16

This parable of the “Laborers in the Vineyard” might be one of the more well-known [...]

Word Forgive written in white on cement floor
Commentary on Matthew 18:15-35

The text this week is a mishmash of communal disciplinary [...]

palm covered in ash with a cross drawn on it
Commentary on Matthew 18:1-9

Commentary is forthcoming for this text. PRAYER OF THE DAY Holy God, your servants argued [...]

Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration
Commentary on Matthew 16:24—17:8

Risk-benefit analyses dominate many of our decision-making processes. High school [...]

Matthew 13:30
Commentary on Matthew 13:24-43

As we continue through the gospel of Matthew, we have [...]

Matthew 7:12
Commentary on Matthew 7:1-14, 24-29

“On Christ the solid rock I stand All other ground [...]

Man with hands outstretched in a field
Commentary on Matthew 6:7-21

Jesus’ words about forgiveness and wealth in Matthew 6:14–21 inspire us to live simply, weighed [...]

Church of the Beatitudes dome
Commentary on Matthew 5:1-20

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  The word translated [...]

Canteen on dry rockbed
Commentary on Matthew 4:1-17

In Matthew, Jesus lives in three different places—Bethlehem, Egypt, and Nazareth—by the time he’s a [...]