Narrative Lectionary

Woman before the Rising Sun
Commentary on Acts 16:16-34

“It’s not all about you” is a phrase used to de-center someone’s narrative. In today’s [...]

Light streaming down
Commentary on Acts 9:1-19a

This story is such a powerful part of the spread of the Good News that [...]

Matthew 27:11
Commentary on John 12:12-27; 19:16b-22

Context and intertext These verses in John 19 continue to [...]

Romans 6:8
Commentary on John 19:23-30

As the moment of Jesus’ death approaches in this short passage, we find two notes [...]

Commentary on John 19:31-42

As I write this, we’re approaching the 3rd anniversary of the death of Aaron, my [...]

round stone in obscuring tomb entry
Commentary on John 20:1-18

Mary Magdalene, whom we met at the cross in John 19:25, comes to the tomb [...]

Jesus appears to Thomas
Commentary on John 20:19-31

The references to “Doubting Thomas” cast this story in a particular light. (While there was [...]

Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Commentary on John 19:1-16a

The set Our text today begins with Pilate taking Jesus to be flogged, but this [...]

Commentary on John 18:28-40

Building on last week’s text, we are now working one passage at a time through [...]

Rooster crowing
Commentary on John 18:12-27

We move headlong into the Passion Narrative in this third week in Lent.  Note some [...]