Narrative Lectionary

Entry into the City
Commentary on Mark 11:1-11; [14:3-9]

This week marks Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. He enters the [...]

Annular Solar Eclipse 2
Commentary on Mark 13:1-8, 24-37

In Mark 13:2, Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple. [...]

The Widow's Mite
Commentary on Mark 12:28-44

Mark 12:28–44 functions as a penultimate climax to Jesus’ public ministry, crystallizing his turbulent interactions [...]

Parable of the Talents
Commentary on Mark 12:1-12 [13-17]

This text is among those in the Bible that are [...]

Blind Man's Meal
Commentary on Mark 10:32-52

In this passage Jesus and his disciples are on the road again. It is not [...]

Christ and the Rich Young Man (painting by A. N. Mironov
Commentary on Mark 10:17-31

Jesus and his disciples had left their resting place and moved on, meeting crowds again [...]

Two boys grasping each other and smiling
Commentary on Mark 9:30-37

In many ways this text shows something deeply profound about the movement in the life [...]

And his clothes became dazzling white
Commentary on Mark 8:27—9:8

Who does the world say Jesus is? What about you? The book of Mark breaks [...]

Beheading of John the Baptist - Obglavljenje_Janeza_Krstnika_(panjska_končnica,_1877)
Commentary on Mark 6:1-29 

Today’s text shows us what the world does to its prophets. Jesus is rejected, John [...]

Girl asleep with stars in her hair
Commentary on Mark 5:21-43

Mark 5:21–43 is a nested story of two suffering women and Jesus, who saves each [...]