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Sermon Development
Twenty Questions to Ask the Text

Although there are many different ways of reading the Bible, [...]

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Sermon Development
Stories We Tell One Another

I recently finished work on an MFA in Creative Writing—that is, I graduated with a [...]

Preaching Moment 311: Lauren Winner on Personal Stories

Lauren Winner shares her thought [...]

Preaching Moment 304: Anthony Bailey on Personal Stories

Anthony Bailey shares his process [...]

The Year of Matthew or When Small Birds Return

Without small birds, the world would be very quiet. In [...]

The Footwasher’s Hall of Fame

I hate being wrong. I really hate being wrong in [...]

Sermon Development
Picture, Passage, Point: Bringing Scripture to Life

When I served a congregation [...]

What Tradition Really Means

Just because I’m fascinated by the emerging church movement, the call to new life, and [...]

Stories and Norm

For the first million years of human existence climate change was no threat, not because our ancestors [...]