Dear Working Preacher
The Bosom Of Abraham

Rock-a-my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Rock-a-my soul in the bosom of Abraham, Rock-a-my soul in [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Resurrection is Relationship

“But these are written so that you may believe…” While many Bibles will title John [...]

Preaching the Easter Vigil

We gather in old and new ways, and in new and old ways, holding vigil [...]

Dear Working Preacher
What Makes You Feel Alive?

I spent the first part of this week and started writing this column in the [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Resurrection Witnesses

“You are witnesses of these things” (Luke 24:48; Acts 3:15). We certainly are. Thanks for the reminder, [...]

Preaching Moment 312: Luke Powery on What Holds Us Back

Luke Powery argues that a [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Resurrection Matters

Happy Easter, preachers! We have some resurrection matters to address. I am torn. Mark or John? John [...]

Resurrection Community on Earth

Easter and post-Easter lectionary passages naturally dwell on resurrection and [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Easter Courage

Dear Working Preacher, There are moments when it feels like Matthew is almost working at cross purposes. [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Present-tense Salvation

Dear Working Preacher, Do we ask too little of our people? I ask that question with no [...]