Theology and Interpretation
Preaching + Complicated Relationships

When a new friend learns I’m an only child, they [...]

Dear Working Preacher
God’s Pro Quo

My first reaction to the Gospel lesson this week was a movie memory: a scene from Silence [...]

Dear Working Preacher
The Relational God

Dear Working Preacher, Our relationships matter to God. Now, I’m guessing that it was rather easy for [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Money, Relationships, and Jesus’ Most Confusing Parable

Dear Working Preacher,   If [...]

Dear Working Preacher

Dear Working Preacher, It may sound trite to say that I think Jesus is being radical in [...]

Dear Working Preacher
God & Money

Dear Working Preacher, Time to come clean. How many of you have preached a sermon about money [...]