Matthew 5:1-12

Dear Working Preacher
A Family Reunion of Saints

Thank you for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ—that in Christ Jesus, God was reconciling [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Dwell in Possibility

This week brings us a set of familiar, “classic” texts. I suppose that for any congregation that [...]

All Saints image of woman crying while looking at flower
Dear Working Preacher
When Tears are Wiped Away

Festival Sundays are always tricky. If you are a regular listener of Sermon Brainwave, you [...]

Dear Working Preacher
On Beatitudes and Blessing

Dear Working Preacher, Two questions animated — or maybe haunted — my exegetical study this [...]

Dear Working Preacher
God Bless You

Dear Working Preacher, There is a trap hidden in the Beatitudes that I know I have fallen [...]