Woman looking skeptical
Dear Working Preacher
Persisting in Integrity

On texts for Oct. 3, 2021 | Ordinary 27 | RCL Year B I have been married [...]

tree in sunset
Dear Working Preacher
Be Like a Tree

My children are in the habit of asking, when they hear about a person in the news [...]

Dear Working Preacher
On Beatitudes and Blessing

Dear Working Preacher, Two questions animated — or maybe haunted — my exegetical study this [...]

Don’t Forget Who You Are

At my first synod assembly as an intern, still quite [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Second Blessing

Dear Working Preacher,   I think we are in sore need of thanksgiving.   Take a look [...]

Psalms of Praise: Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson talks about praise psalms and their importance for [...]

Lord, Hasten the Day When Our Decline Shall Be Complete

I am writing after yet [...]

Dear Working Preacher
God Bless You

Dear Working Preacher, There is a trap hidden in the Beatitudes that I know I have fallen [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Cataract Surgery

Dear Working Preacher, You know how some images just stick with you? Here’s one description of the [...]